Finding Peace

I searched the world But it couldn't fill me Man's empty praise And treasures that fade Are never enough Then You came along And put me back together And every desire Is now satisfied Here in Your love

The Benefits of Aloe Juice

For the past week u have been drinking a glass cup of pure aloe vera juice. Sounds nasty, but let me tell you it helps heal the body and aid in what I  like to say is complete body homeostasis. I went to school for Health Sciences, specializing in Public Health, so I  thought I would share my love for Aloe and the benefits it provides. Plus, I am all for alternative medicine and holistic practices. My persinal opinion Although, we do need som medications. I feel they do more harm yo your body than good. So, here are the benefits of Aloe Juice:
1. Hydration. Your body needs to be hydrated for all the cells and organisms to work properly. Aloe juice helps with dehydration.  2. Liver Function. Lake juice helps keep the liver healthy so it can help in detoxing the body. 3. Clear skin. Want clear skin and get rid of acne. Drink aloe juice because it is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins that may help protect your skin. 4. Nutritious Boost. For all my vegans and any one with  vitamin deficiencies. Aloe Juice contains essential vitamins. Such as B, B 12, C, E, Folic Acid, and a few others.

This is just a few to name. But Aloe juice is so beneficial for your body. I love it! If you feel like your running down with a cold. Just chug a glass of this and you will feel fine the next day. It’s used for  gastroenterital intentional issues,  autoimmune disorders cancer.  It’s even been used to treat people Autism Spectrum Disorder as it helps aid in restoring brain functions. So, if you’re looking for something new to try if medication does not seem to be helping. Give aloe juice a try. Leave a comment below if you have tried it and what were your results. Or if you try it share your results with me. Hope you all have a blessed weekend!

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Freedom Hymn

This is my freedom hymn. #freedomhymn #auatinfrench #free #peace #love #happiness

Being Courageous

I was watching a sermon from Sarah Jakes Roberts and she had a wonderful idea of writing about being Courageous. What does being Courageous look like for you right now? Often we get caught up in our fears, our inadequacies, and they can leave you stuck. Afraid to move forward. To step into your purpose. You don’t need to shrink yourself for others. Courage is the ability to open your heart and share it with others. Maybe there are some areas in your life where you need courage. Dream. Write the vision and make it plain. What does that courageous person look like? Who is she? Who is she with her friends? Who is she in ministry? Who is she when she writes? Who is she when she sings? Who is she when she organizes and set things up? Who is this courageous woman? What does she do? What does she not there to do? What is stopping her from doing that thing she loves? What is she afraid of? write that vision of yourself down put it somewhere where you will constantly see it and remind yourself of who she is! You got this!

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