Live Your Life With Purpose

Life can be filled with overwhelming moments. Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed. You want to do something worthwhile and live a sense of purpose, but it’s easy to feel inadequate and distracted by our insecurities. We even try to live up to others expectations for our lives, but feel like a failure when we don’t succeed. You then feel pressured to be someone your not.
The key to living a purposeful life is to recognize your strengths and not to overlook your gifts and talents that God intends for you to use. What has God called you to do? You become more confident when you know the answers to these questions. Regardless of your past or the challenges you face, God has given us Grace to feel more confident in ourselves. We also become more comfortable and can move into the purpose God inteneded for us. Get rid of the restraints of living up to others expectations for your life and make the decision to embrace your unique gifts and talents.

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