There is no life so shattered That it cannot be restored

No matter how shattered you think your life is; it can always be restored. The devil loves to mess with our minds. He comes as a thief, seeking whom he can devour. He will lead you to a sunless place and desert you. He seeks to convince you there is no light at the end of the tunnel; you are not good enough; nobody loves you, you’re a waste of space. But, the DEVIL IS A LIAR! There is no problem that cannot be solved. Your fate is not sealed. God can change it all in a split second. Phil 4:6 is a familiar passage we can turn to when particular thoughts are crippling your mind. If we do not control our thoughts; they will control us. So not give the DEVIL a foothold. His lies are not welcome. Trust God to help you. There is no place so low that he cannot reach you. He will give you the strength you need to get through. Even in your greatest distress he will help you. Just trust him. #TrustGod # pray #strength #courage #endurance #perseverance

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2 thoughts on “There is no life so shattered That it cannot be restored

  1. I believe in you and this is a powerful message. You already changed my life in so many ways and i am lucky to have come across someone so beautiful in thos ugly world. Keep spreading your word and reaching out to people because you never know how many people whose life you can you.
    Your number 1 fan


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